Spain is now the 2nd ranked European country in using dating apps

Spain is now the 2nd ranked European country in using dating apps

The mobile phone has established itself as a tool to link sentimental supply and demand, says Jaume Montané, co-founder of the Monsan Group and a telecommunications expert.

Love is everywhere, but it seems to be found increasingly via mobile phones. In recent years, the amount of people seeking couples or just flirting using the mobile phone has increased thanks to the increase in the number of applications. According to a study published by Tuenti Mobile, more than half of young people (60%) use their mobile phones to flirt. The average profile is young people aged 16 to 35, the data also revealing that 53% of this percentage use social networks to flirt or find a partner and 21% do so through instant messaging services. The data are interesting, says Jaume Montané, co-founder of the Monsan Group, as they show an evolution of user culture in relation to the mobile terminal.

Lack of time and stress does in turn encourage chatting, this being demonstrated by data from the Mobifriends portal, which show that up to 77% of mobile users usually connect to the Internet from their smartphones to chat and meet people. Users are increasingly linked to their mobile phones and use the most advanced communication technology functions. And Spain is the second ranked European country with regards to apps downloads to chat and flirt via smartphones with 18 million, states The App Date, which highlights the average user profile: between 25 and 40, urban middle and upper middle class, and usually having 65 apps installed on their smartphones.

Indeed, one of the keys to this growth in mobile phone use to find one’s better half is largely due to the rise in applications for flirting. For example, in Spain, according to Apple, the Tinder application is creating a great storm with over 35,000 profiles. The novelty of this app is that besides rating people it puts you in touch with those you’ve rated positively, and besides, once you register it searches for registered users near you. But it is not the only application designed to find love, there are loads. Another outstanding one is Twine, which lets you start conversations between strangers who are nearby (in a supermarket, a shop or a bar). There are also applications for more specific groups, such as gays, like Grindr, which is the most popular app among this group thanks to the use of geolocation that lets you chat with people nearby. In fact, the success of the latter has meant that its creators have released a heterosexual version, Blendr, in order to find like-minded people in your area.