Mobile Monetization

Monetization and micro-payment systems that offer contrasting advantages and opportunities to your users, business and developers.

As they are easy and fast to implement through our API’s, you can configure them best to your interests.

Direct Carrier Billing

Micro-payments from an application with a single click and without leaving the app. The price of the service is invoiced to the user by its telephone service provider.

With just one click

No credit card

No leaving the App-Webpage

Benefits for business and developers:

  • Monetization and profitability.
  • Easy and fast implementation with our API’s.
  • Complete integration into your app, without leaving the site.
  • Eliminate the online validation of each micro-payment.
  • It favors both the impulsive and meditated buyer.
  • Highest speed in the payment process, with just a single click.
  • It favors the repetition effect.
  • Increase sales.
  • Multiply the conversion percentages.
  • Complete control of transactions.
  • Safe monetization.
  • Maximum reward.
  • Global monetization system.
  • Increase benefits.
  • Important! As this is a method of web payments, it allows you to sell apps to iOS (apple) users. Up until today, this wasn’t possible with traditional methods, since it was only possible on the apple market itself, and this usually seemed to be an impossible mission.

Api avaliable

Benefits for users:

  • Open system for any user.
  • Instantaneous system with just one click and without leaving the site where the purchase is made.
  • Privacy.
  • No credit card or bank account needed.
  • Proximity and highest speed.
  • Security.

Rapid and safe processing.

SMS Premium

Micro-payments through the sending and receiving of a short text message. For mobile phones, web-pages and apps for any service provider and price…

No credit card

No leaving the App-Webpage

Benefits for business and developers

With a short 5 digit message a service is requested and another message is received that allows access to the required service. When the user receives the response, the mobile telephone service provider charges the user the amount of the invoice.

Single purchase method or subscriptions.

SMS subscription in Europe and various countries in Latin America, such as Mexico, Argentina and Colombia, for example.

  • High acceptance from the target audience.
  • Complete personalization of the service for the client.
  • Versatility for the environment: contests, voting, downloads.
  • Countless possibilities and settings.
  • Professional services for publicity and marketing agencies.
  • Completely configurable service from the extranet in client areas.
  • Invoicing service for your SMS bills.

Premium Voice Lines

Smart networks to provide the best information or service and receive the highest return.

Benefits for business and developers:

  • The routing of calls is optimized.
  • Make the servicing of a high volume of simultaneous calls possible.
  • Avoid dropped calls.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of promotional and publicity campaigns.
  • Strengthen the specialized and personalized service to the client.
  • Offer the highest return for each call received.

905 Lines: especially highlighted for massive surveys. More Info

  • Media.
  • Publicity Agencies.
  • Opinion Survey Business.
  • Charitable Organizations.
  • Public Organizations.
  • Associations.

80Y Lines: lines used to pay for information and service

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