Mobile Marketing

Monsan systems and platforms help you design effective marketing campaigns and offer the best customer service in the industry.

SMS Bulk

The best and most effective marketing system. Campaigns that can be shaped for any purpose.
Send offers, catalogs, coupons, announcements, surveys, whatever you need that is large scale, immediate, personal, trustworthy, and still get the best results.


  • Because we open an average of 98% of SMS’s received compared to 22% of emails.
  • Because 75% of the SMS’s received are opened within 5 minutes of receiving it.
  • Because they always get to their destination.


  • Instant sending and receiving, guaranteed.
  • Your own and self-configurable platform.
  • Safe and secure routes.
  • Low investment.
  • Delivery confirmation and campaign rapport.
  • Invoice service for your SMS bills.


  • Branding
  • Increased sales.
  • Spectacular ROI.
  • Better benefits.

Audio Bulk

Your telephone marketing campaigns, done by making multiple simultaneous calls to mobile and home numbers.

Benefits for business and developers:

  • Personalized configuration of senders.
  • Calls to mobile and home numbers.
  • Presets audio speeches.
  • Guaranteed impact.
  • Attract and promote loyal clients.
  • Unbeatable ROI.

Business Voice Lines

Monsan lines for a telephone service and easy, fast and efficient customer service.

900 Numbers:
free, the company who receives the call pays.

901 Numbers:
the cost is shared between the caller and recipient of the call.

902 Numbers:
the cost is covered by the caller.

Client advantages:

  • Easy to remember
  • Zero or shared cost
  • Permanent, fast and effective service.

Business advantages:

  • Unique number, easy to remember and advertise.
  • Brand image and notoriety.
  • Simultaneous service for calls.
  • Geographic relocation.
  • Effective routing calls without losing any.
  • Complete administration of calls by schedule, province…
  • Received call statistics to reconfigure campaigns or departments.
  • Zero or shared cost for calling.
  • No installation is required or specific equipment.


  • Telephone Banking Services, Mail Order
  • Public administrations,
  • joint actions of several companies or independent agencies.


Monsan platforms for responding to calls and pre-set automatic audio speeches that optimize service, time and productivity.
Ideal for customer service departments

Client advantages:

> Continued and personalized attention.          > No waiting.            > Immediate access to information.

Business advantages:

∞ A myriad of configurations and services.     ∞ Immediate, simultaneous and automated responses.

∞ Forward calls in an IP or analogue format.     ∞ Statistic and report creation.

⇒ Reduced costs and increased benefits.

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