Lines 807

Lines 807

Premium voice lines for professional services.

You can manage your 807 Lines from the Virtual PBX that Monsan offers you for free, you can answer calls and receive them on landlines, mobiles or IP phones, according to your needs.
You can manage time zones, and depending on them, you can send calls to queues, transfers, voiceovers or CallCenters.
You can get statistics in real time from our customers area.

Main advantages of contracting the 807 line service with Monsan:

  • Free suscription.
  • Without permanence.
  • Flexibility. Ability to manage high volume of calls to 807 lines simultaneously.
  • Inmediacy. Management of changes in lines 807 and results in real time
  • Adaptability. We have several options to manage the 807 lines.
    Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Frequently asked questions when hiring a Line 807 with Monsan:

What requirements do I have to comply with to register a 807 line?

To register any of our services, it is necessary to be a company or a professional.

What is the price of the service of line 807?

Free suscription and 0€/month for the first contracted line 807. Free Virtual PBX.

What revenue will I get for receiving calls on my 807 line?

To obtain this information contact one of our commercials from the following link: Contact.Or from the “More Info” button located below these lines.

What is the cost of calling an 807 line?

The cost of calls to 807 lines of level 3 is 1.21€/minute if called from the fixed network and 1.57€/minute if called from the mobile network (including taxes).
The cost of calls to 807 lines of level 2 is 0,91€/minute if called from the fixed network and 1,27€/minute if called from the mobile network (including taxes).
The cost of calls to 807 lines of level 1 is 0,42€/minute if called from the fixed network and 0,79€/minute if called from the mobile network (including taxes).

What is the maximum duration of the call to a line 807?

The maximum duration of calls to the 807 lines (of any level) is 30 minutes.

What is the duration of the legal announcement in an 807 line?

The maximun duration of legal announcement to the 807 lines is 20 seconds.

Do I need some kind of installation to start working with an 807 line?

You do not need any installation. Our smart network facilities will allow you to work from home, in your office, from your mobile, we will deliver the calls according to your needs in the telephone indicated according to the schedule, day of the week, day of the month, etc.

I already have a number 807 with another operator. Can I continue working with my line 807 if I contract with Monsan?

You have the legal right to make a number portability to another operator, this process is totally free, and is usually done within 48 hours once the portability of the 807 line is requested.