Our company objective is to continue expanding internationally, offering solutions to our customers wherever they need them.

Our market objective is to increase our customers’ performance and profits, using the technological tools and platforms we develop for that purpose.

Monsan is a Spanish company founded in 2001 and fully established in the market. It employs over 80 professionals and we are leaders in the new technologies and intelligent networks sector. We operate internationally and are constantly growing in terms of both reputation and size.

We have our own platform and an R&D team dedicated solely to creating new services that reflect future market trends. Advising our customers about continuous technological advances is one of our missions.

CRS Monsan: relational and performance recommendations for parents and children.
Download our Rule Book of good practices for using mobile devices.

We develop digital platforms that meet the needs of our customers
in relation to mobile marketing, premium rate voice and data services
and in-app and website charging systems.

The team

Our multidisciplinary team is made up of more than 80 professionals specialising in their areas of expertise.

People are the key asset at Monsan, which employs computer engineers, business communications experts, marketing specialists, analysts, developers, operators, designers and programmers.

For each required specialist area, we provide a direct contact person that guarantees you a personal, tailored service.

The talent, while the creativity, passion and rigour we commit to running each project makes us your ideal, regular partner.

The solutions

We are fully aware of the importance our services have to our customers’ results, which is why we develop the best in the market.

Our technological infrastructure provides creative solutions by developing unique tools and self-manageable configurations tailored to each project.

Our extensive portfolio effectively meets all your needs and efficiently optimises and ­provides a return on your investments in:

  • Mobile marketing and customer service.
  • Charging systems to make websites and apps profitable.

The commitments

Monsan is your technology partner and we stand for humanity.
We are strongly committed to social responsibility.

We abide by the code of conduct applicable to the provision of premium rate services and support protecting the rights of consumers and users.

We actively collaborate with NGOs such as Intermón Oxfam for whom we have designed and implemented a platform enabling it to receive donations by SMS.
We talk to the media and create and disseminate news items related to our sector that lead to social benefits.
We write, publish and dissemin­ate studies, the do’s and don’ts of use and recommendations for parents and children about their relationships and interactions in the digital age.

Make your investments efficiently profitable with Monsan.

Creative solutions, unique tools and automanageable configurations.