Direct Carrier Billing

Direct Carrier Billing

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is a payment method that allows purchases of digital content through the use of the mobile phone, without registration or intermediate steps. Consumers will be able to buy with a click. The price of the service is invoiced to the user by its telephone service provider.

With just one click

No credit card

No leaving the App-Webpage

Benefits for business and developers:

  • Monetization and profitability.
  • Easy and fast implementation with our API’s.
  • Complete integration into your app, without leaving the site.
  • Eliminate the online validation of each micro-payment.
  • It favors both the impulsive and meditated buyer.
  • Highest speed in the payment process, with just a single click.
  • It favors the repetition effect.
  • Increase sales.
  • Multiply the conversion percentages.
  • Complete control of transactions.
  • Safe monetization.
  • Maximum reward.
  • Global monetization system.
  • Increase benefits.
  • Important! As this is a method of web payments, it allows you to sell apps to iOS (apple) users. Up until today, this wasn’t possible with traditional methods, since it was only possible on the apple market itself, and this usually seemed to be an impossible mission.

Api avaliable

Benefits for users:

  • Open system for any user.
  • Instantaneous system with just one click and without leaving the site where the purchase is made.
  • Privacy.
  • No credit card or bank account needed.
  • Proximity and highest speed.
  • Security.

Frequently asked questions when hiring the Direct Carrier Billing service with Monsan:

What requirements do I have to fulfill to hire the Direct Carrier Billing service?

To register any of our services, it is necessary to be a company or a professional.

What is the price of the service Direct Carrier Billing?

To obtain this information contact one of our commercials from the following link: Contact.Or from the “More Info” button located below these lines.

What revenue will I get for the service Direct Carrier Billing?

To obtain this information contact one of our commercials from the following link: Contact.Or from the “More Info” button located below these lines.

How to integrate Direct Carrier Billing into our application?

Monsan offers a REST service API that can be used from any device.

What advantages does Direct Carrier Billing offer regarding other payment services?

With our Direct Carrier Billing will cover all app models and web traffic without downloading any software and without previous credit card or registration requirements. With complete immediacy, privacy and security, you will be quick to pay with a single click and without any web leak or application you are in.
The user will see the payment reflected in his telephone bill.

What is the process that a Direct Carrier Billing application must follow until it can be published?

All Direct Carrier Billing applications must be approved by the operators with whom we want to work. We accompany you throughout the process, with the aim that your project is approved as soon as possible, we study needs and we prepare in time and form for you the documentation required by each telephone operator, if you want web traffic we are your best option.

In which countries can I sell content with Direct Carrier Billing?

Monsan offers a wide international coverage , being able to sell the content with the main operators of each country.

How can I view statistics and reports for my Direct Carrier Billing application?

Monsan offers a web tool where you can see your statistics of Direct Carrier Billing updated in real time, you will see new subscriptions, close subscriptions, payments, subscribers and different reports.